“Must Do” List for World Travel

“Must Do” List for World Travel

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“Must Do” List for World Travel

What to do before Flights :

  • Order currency at bank before leaving to avoid Airport currency trading fees
  • Download offline map Apps (My personal favorite is “maps.me”)
  • Make 2 copies of your Birth Certificate / SS Card / Driver’s License / Passport
    • Take 1 set of copies with you Incase of loss or theft of your documents and leave the other copies with an emergency contact in the U.S.
  • Write down or save in your phones the Contacts of Embassies and their emergency numbers.
  • Apply for your Visa at least 1 & 1/2 months before trip if your Travel Destination requires a Visa.
  • Make a Pin # for your credit card before leaving.
  • Call credit card company to inform them you are going to another country and not shut off your card.
  • Print out or screen shot Flight and Hotel Confirmation #’s and receipts incase you can not access your internet.
  • If you have travel insurance print a copy or have on phone of your policy for emergency purposes.
  • Make a copy or take a picture of your Driver’s Insurance Card incase you chose to rent a car or moped while traveling.
  • If you think you may rent any vehicle while traveling, call your insurance company to see if they cover foreign rental cars. If they do, it will save you from having to purchase additional insurance from the rental company.
  • If you are going to any restaurants that require reservations, make those in advance.

What to Bring :

  • Outlet Converter
  • Power Pack Battery Storage (Bring an external battery charger for your phone, especially if you are using your phone as a camera & a map)
  • Cell Phone and Power Pack Chargers

What to Pack :

  • Neck Pillows and / or Travel Blanket (Life Savers for Long Flights)
  • Bring Snacks / Bottled Water - Beverages (Long Flights are Miserable without Snacks)
  • Bring your own cigarettes (Taxes on tobacco products are expensive in Europe)
  • Bring extra bag, like a backpack or messenger bag for exploring and holding souvenirs.
  • Buy a money belt or a secondary place to keep emergency cash in case of theft or loss.

Other Information :

  • If you are bringing alcohol home try to buy it at the Airport before leaving. Duty Free saves you a lot and are able to bring aboard the plane with your carry-on
  • If you buy any alcohol outside of airport and plan to bring back to the US you must check it with your checked luggage
  • Be sure to look into VAT cards

The MRE Shop Home Blog Page

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Nov 7th 2020 Jorden Leonard

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